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Fashion But Make It Sustainable

We have all heard the saying "make the world a better place" but have not done much to achieve that. A prime example is a slow improvement in decreasing our carbon footprint. Companies seek ways of becoming more eco-friendly; however, we all know they only do it as a marketing tactic. Not everyone is going green for the sake of saving the planet. For years the fashion industry has found ways of taking creativity to higher lengths through the variety of fabrics they choose to use.

For Jenisis The Brand, I challenged not only my level of creativity in design but the fabric used. The objectives were that the bag had a classic look and a feminine touch to it. Wrapped up in a color that stand's out and compliments almost anything. I then began searching for companies to order fabric swatches, avoiding fabrics with a high carbon footprint. I sent out emails to textile companies until receiving a reply from a company that supplies Cactus Leather. Never in a million years would I have ever thought Cactus Leather existed. Sourced straight from Mexico, my jaws dropped when I finally got my hands on Imperia.

Fun fact Cactus Leather naturally regenerates the soil and is a natural carbon sink. Imperia will be the first of many handbags to be released for Jenisis The Brand. Other leather goods are in the works as we speak. Stay Tuned!

For more information on Desserto Cactus click the link below: 

- Sarah Osagie (aka. Jenisis Family)

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